New Arrival Product - Color Foam Automobile Shampoo

21 Jan 2021
New Arrival Product - Color Foam Automobile Shampoo
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Blue Color Foam

Color Foam Shampoo Demo

First in Malaysia. Brand new product. Made in Malaysia.

  • Colorful foam to promote car wash business.
  • Good cleaning power.
  • Food grade coloring, gentle to the environment.
  • Will not stain on car surface.
  • Available in Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow.
  • Ready to use 300ml packing.
  • One bottle enought for 60-80 liter foam tank.


! More colours on the way to complete the colours that make up the Rainbow !!

Produces colorful foam and a highly concentrated shampoo with good detergency to remove stains, grime and dirt. It leaves a film of wax to make your car brighter and shine. pH balanced to keep hands safe from regular washing.

Dilution of 1 : 250 times or a bottle of 300ml to 80 liters Snow tank. Compress tank pressure between 2-3 bar.  Tested and proven able to wash up to 35 cars per tank.

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